President Trump

And now it's President Trump.


Protestors went full on violent, torching cars, smashing windows, and generally behaving in an orgy of Trump justification.  The usual things are said by Democrats when a Republican wins an election - he's not "legitimate" (yes, he is - he was elected in accordance with the law, that is, legit); he's not "my president" (yes, he is, whether you like it or not), etc., etc.

Really what it boils down to is that Democrats are sore losers.  In a way, a Republican winning the presidency is to them what infidels being rich and powerful is to muslims.  Democrats don't believe that they have an "opinion" which, while based on facts, is not the only possible opinion that could be based on the same facts.  Nope.  Democrats have revealed TRUTH handed down to them by the party and preached in party gatherings by George Soros funded imams.

But what do you do when the truth revealed by your deity - a truth that says you should be in power and all the world subject to you and your co-believers - instead leaves you poor, ghetto-ized, and no longer in power?  It can't be that the truth might not be true.  It must be that evil infidels, tools of the devil, are opposed to your righteousness!

Once you've crossed that line, then anything you need to do to defeat the infidels is acceptable to you.

Which is what we're seeing in the riots in D.C. and the silly pouting of Democrat politicians in DC and elsewhere, and what we're seeing in Iran, ISIS, Syria, Libya, etc., etc.

That doesn't mean your average Democrat is a terrorist any more than it means your average muslim is a terrorist.  It does mean, however, that there will be a significant number of them who think violence is justifiable in fighting those they see as evil, heretical infidels.

But, whether they smash windows or burn cars, Donald Trump is still the legally elected and now duly inaugurated president of the United States of America.  He was never my favorite and still isn't, but the rioting and protesting is doing quite a lot to get me thinking that it's a damn good thing he's president.


Liberals Aren't the Only Ones

With all due respect to the Fraternal Order of Police, this is unwise.

They are calling for Amazon to stop selling paraphernalia connected to the "Black Lives Matter" theme.  Apparently they also made such a demand of Walmart and met with success.

I think the whole "Black Lives Matter" faction is foolish - self-destructive even - in its opposition to police.  Most of the Black people shot and killed in this country are shot and killed by other Black people, not by cops.  Of the Black people who are shot and killed by cops, I dare say most of them are killed because they are posing a direct threat to, or have a history of posing a direct threat to, other Black people.  This includes the poster-child from Ferguson, MO who kicked the whole thing off.  I'm not saying every instance is justified, but I am saying that Black Lives Matter is making it harder to protect Black lives.

As I mentioned in my previous post, liberals often act in ways that undercut their own goals in the firm belief that this political pistol only points one way.  We shouldn't fall into the same trap of thinking only the other guy will be affected by the kinds of intimidation tactics used to get products we dislike pulled from a given retailer.  If the Fraternal Order of Police can pressure Amazon into pulling "Black Lives Matter" gear, then Amazon can also be pressured into pulling "Blue Lives Matter" gear.  Let it be.

Liberal White Guy Calls for Killing All the White Guys

This is really sad.

Some White guy at a university in Pennsylvania - a guy named George Ciccariello-Maher - posts a tweet calling for White genocide.

Typical leftist idiocy in many ways, but it also illustrates part of a fairly common leftist conceit.

This guy is White, remember.  So he's calling for Black people to kill him in this little tweet, but his behavior and statements before and after make it clear he doesn't expect that he'll be included in the genocide he's calling for.

You see the same thing in the journalists who would routinely celebrate Castro's Cuba - and still do.  They obviously don't think they'd be locked in dungeons and tortured for their journalism, even though many, many journalists have been so treated by Castro and other Communist dictatorships (including Venezuela which, while technically not Communist, is cut from the same cloth).  Indeed, the Obama administration has also developed a reputation for attacking and intimidating journalists who don't toe the party line.  

When Obama was first elected, I posted frequently warning leftists that Obama would not be in office forever, that some day a Republican would be president, and Obama's attempt to rule by fiat, to ignore the Constitutional constraints on presidential power, and undercut democracy in America, would all become precedents that Republican could use with equal vigor.

I warned that leftists would regret eliminating the filibuster option on nominations, too.  The checks and balances in the Constitution did not just impede liberals, they protected them for those checks and balances would impede conservatives, too.  Nope.  Out it went.  Their agenda was too important to bother with impediments.  

But now the liberals and Democrats are finding out that when they get rid of these restraints on government power, they are as likely to be victims as anyone else.

This is the brave new world our leftist fellow citizens have given us.  I wish they would learn, but they won't.  They will continue to advocate policies and actions that are self-destructive in the firm belief that it won't happen to them, only to others.


A Zaraphath Tale

It's interesting.  I worked for the church, and was paid fairly well.  I stopped that and went to work for the VA in a one year residency.  When I did that, our combined income went down about 45%.  We made some adjustments, obviously, but in terms of our day-to-day living, hardly noticed it.

The VA residency ended last July.  My wife got a significant pay raise about the same time, but even with the pay raise, our combined income dropped another 27%.  Again, we've made some adjustments.  And again, in terms of our day-to-day living, we've hardly noticed it.  We have some savings if we need it, but so far we haven't had to dip into them.

I can't explain how we've done it.  Just when I think we're going to need to dip into our savings, something happens and it comes out even.

I feel a bit like the widow of Zarephath in 1 Kings 17.

I won't lie.  This whole process of looking for work, watching, waiting, trying to discern the Lord's will and then act on it has been a strain on us.  I hate waiting.  But the Lord has certainly continued to provide for us, whether it be a word of hope, a gift, a series of encouraging events, an invitation - whatever it might be, we are well taken care of.

It's coming on Christmas.  In this season of Advent, we remember not just those who waited for the Christ all those years ago, but our own waiting for Jesus to return.  Watching, waiting, trying to discern the Lord's will is a strain on us all.  We all hate waiting.  But just as the Lord provided for the widow, for the people of Israel, for the early church, and for me, the Lord will provide for us now as we await his second advent.

I can't tell you how.  I won't pretend that it's all fun and games.  But take hope.  He will provide.  There will be enough.

Recounts, Vote Fraud, and...Calm Down People

So.  Recounts.  A judge ruled in Michigan that as Ms. Stein of the Green Party doesn't stand a snowball's chance in Fallujah of actually winning the election on a recount, she can't really claim to be an aggrieved party.  Since she's not an aggrieved party, she has no standing to demand a recount.  After $800,000 spent trying to force it, plus taxpayer money spent in the recount prior to the judge's ruling, nothing.

In Wisconsin, last checked, some 1,036 net additional votes were found.  These votes split so as to decrease Trump's margin of victory from 22,177 votes to 22,095 votes.  After $3.5 million spent, net change with 70% of counties done, is 82 votes.

In Pennsylvania, the state's law requires actual evidence of vote tampering before a recount can be ordered unless the margin falls within a specified, rather small, limit.  So far all Ms. Stein has produced are wild speculations about as realistic as the rumors surrounding Area 51 at Edwards AFB.  To get around this state law requirement, she's pursuing the case in federal court where, I guess, she thinks evidence is not so important.  Who knows?  With Obama-appointed judges, she may well be correct in that thought.

But Ms. Stein has raised over $7 million for this pointless recount, so it's been a pretty good money-maker for her.  The campaign claims it won't have any money left over.  Shocking.

I would point out, for folks on my side of the aisle, that this has implications for us, too.  They did find additional ballots in Wisconsin, but those ballots amount to less than 0.04% of the total vote.  The process, in other words, is extremely accurate.

We like to talk about voter fraud and, I'm sure, voter fraud does occur.  While I think the requirement to supply a photo ID is not nearly as great an imposition as the leftist opponents to such measures claim, it is also not going to change things much more than Ms. Stein's recount efforts have changed anything.

Even if 2.2% of the vote - roughly Hillary's margin in the popular vote - constitutes the magnitude of illegal immigrant voting, where is that voting taking place?  Almost all of the places that encourage illegal immigrant voting are Democrat strongholds.  Would the vote in Chicago look all that different without illegal votes?  No, not really.  California?  Hillary won California by over 4 million votes.

For vote fraud to successfully impact a presidential election, the electoral college needs to hinge on a single state (Kennedy in 1960, Bush in 2000) and that single state has to have a very close contest.  This does not happen often.  It can have a bigger impact on local races and some statewide contests, but even there, from what I see, ballot stuffing tends to favor the party that would have won in a given precinct, county, or state even without the ballot stuffing.  Its impact on who actually wins is miniscule.

So go ahead and push for voter ID laws.  I'll support you.  But can the chicken-little talk.  The fate of American democracy does not hinge on it.


Three Things

First, the recount in WI, MI, and possibly PA.  I think Trump is correct in calling it a scam.  It has almost zero likelihood of overturning the results.  There is absolutely no evidence that the tampering they're claiming occurred.  It is interesting that they acknowledge this - and in the states where they want a recount claim the lack of evidence is a reason for the recount while in other states they use the evidence to mock Trump's claim that 2 million illegal immigrants voted.  Very much talking out of both sides of their mouths, but that's not uncommon for Democrats.
Trump's claim, by the way, is based on a (very much disputed) study that suggested 2.2% of votes were illegal immigrant votes in 2010.  While I think illegal immigrant voting is probably worse than the naysayers claim, I think it is not as bad as the study Trump's claim is based on.  More to the point, I suspect illegal immigrant voting was heavily weighted towards the states and districts Clinton would have won even without those votes.

No, I think the only reason for calling for this recount is to sucker people into giving them money.  It appears there are quite a few suckers willing to part with their dollars for it.

Second, there is this stat out there claiming Hillary won the 500 counties that account for 64% of US GDP while Trump won the 2,500 counties that account for 36% of GDP.  This may be true.  But a lot of the interpretations of it are highly suspect.  What it does show is that Democrats receive the votes of those who prosper economically from their policies and do not receive the votes of those who do not prosper from their policies.  Which is kind of a no-brainer.

Third, the electoral college is valuable and needs to be retained.  The whole point of the Constitution is to provide checks and balances.  We have a senate where every state gets two votes, and a house where votes are apportioned according to population.  This is to protect the smaller, less populous states from a tyranny of the majority, while also providing a way around those smaller states if the majority is big enough.  We have an electoral process for president to ensure the president pays attention to the whole country, not just the population centers.  Raw majority rule is as much a form of tyranny as is one-man rule.

Hillary made a decision to concentrate her efforts in those places where she was already strong, abandoning working-class voters in the old union strongholds.  That was a strategic decision of the Clinton campaign and one her husband (at least, according to this article) warned her against.  She did not want to be president to the whole country, so she ignored, even insulted, a significant portion of it.  As a result, she managed to engineer a loss to the absolute worst presidential candidate the GOP has put forward in the last 70 years.  It's not the electoral college's fault.  It's Hillary's fault.

A Voice

Trembling, I stand on the threshold
Peering into the murky depths beyond.
Fear and fascination
                 Become entwined within me.

Out of the swirling darkness,
A voice shines forth
A stabbing, searing light
                 Fragmenting my mind.

Stirring thoughts, long forgotten.
Rising from the abyss,
Images dance on the words,
                 Retreating to a silent music.

And still the voice probes on,
Asking forbidden questions
Seeking answers I do not have
                 Demands confound me.

A light shining in the darkness
Revealing neglected corners
That I would hide
                 Guiding where I fear to go

Terrified, I cry out
"God save me!"

"I am."


I wrote this initially in response to the feelings generated while working with a young lady suffering from Multiple Personality Disorder, but I find it applies to me with some regularity.