Obama's Worn Out Staff of 17 Whole Days

The president gave a speech last night. Not a very good speech, but an angry, rally-the-tr-...er...well, not exactly "troops" since he's aiming to demoralize the actual troops - you know, the one's actually risking their lives for this country? How to say it... Right. ...an angry, rally-the-base speech.

He asserts in the speech that the last 8 years have given us record deficits and that's what caused this economic problem. It isn't, but let's leave that aside for the moment. Let's just accept that argument. Terribly excessive spending has put us in the hole. This is a terrible problem. But Lord Obama, the Most Merciful, has the answer! It's more terribly excessive spending! That's right. The answer to a trillion dollar deficit is to make it a TWO trillion dollar deficit!

Now this young, energetic man who has been president for all of 17 days also had this to say in his speech:

My staff is worn out, working around the clock. So is David Obey’s staff. So is Nancy Pelosi’s staff. We’re not doing this because we think this is a lark. We’re doing this because people are counting on us.

President Obama's staff is worn out after 17 days. They've got 1,444 to go by my count. How will they survive? What's going to happen when a genuine crisis shows up, like one of the terrorists he's setting free coming back to blow up a third of Miami with a suitcase nuke? Are they going to collapse into a catatonic state, then?

I'm sure people are counting on the Democrats in Congress to get this thing through - people like union bosses, ACORN, EduCap, and a thousand other pigs at the government teat. They may have to wait a little longer. Po' Papa Obama is all tuckered out an' jus' cain' work no mo'.

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