Nelson's Head Call Comes to a Head

Folks over at South Dakota War College are having some fun at Stace Nelson's expense.  Feel free to head on over and join in.

In case you're wondering, Nelson makes a big deal of standing for 2nd amendment rights, for originalist interpretations of the Constitution, for red-meat, Tea Party, pedal-to-the-metal right wingery.  And if you aren't, well, that's when he likes to toss out these rhetorical bombs that accuse others of being spineless, a squish, a RINO, a coward.  In fact, he sent 'round quite a few postcards a while back making exactly those kinds of accusations against other Republicans.

I can hardly fault him for thinking himself right.  I also like to think myself the arbiter of truth and right thinking.  If we're honest with ourselves, most of us that get into blogging or politics (or both) like to think that.  Indulging that belief too vigorously, insulting those one may later need as allies as Nelson often does, is a form of hubris that carries with it the seeds of one's own shame - and I must say I've experienced that shame on occasion, too.  So I feel a little sympathy for Nelson right now.

Because a bill came up for a vote in the SD house - a bill Nelson and his supporters have been rather vocal about but a bill without much popular support.  Indeed, it is one that quite a few people opposed.  What's Nelson to do?  Vote for it, encourage his base but alienate a lot of people whose votes he needs to become our next U.S. senator.  Vote against it, avoid alienating those voters (though not necessarily winning them to his standard), but end up alienating the supporters whose money and time as volunteers he needs in order to reach those non-alienated voters who may just as readily vote for somebody else.

So courageous, brave, hard-charging Stace Nelson, the former Marine who will take on any and all comers, battling to the death for Truth, Justice, and the American Way...went to the bathroom - a head call, for us sailors and Marines.  And he stayed in the head until the voting was done.  Tweeting, he says.  Most of us call that "flatulence" or, in the more vulgar terminology of a Marine, "farting."

I do hope he learns from it.  I hope he learns to temper his accusations in the future.  I hope he learns to accept conservatives and Republicans may yet be conservatives and Republicans even if they do not vote for his bills or endorse his ideas.  I hope he learns to be more thoughtful and considerate of those who thoughtfully come to different conclusions.  In other words, I hope he flushed the crap while "tweeting" in the bathroom of the South Dakota legislature the other day.

If not, then I recommend we change his name to "Brave Sir Robin."


Anonymous said...

You know Nelson casts a wide shadow when his detractors have to take a shot at the big guy when he takes a personal moment to relieve himself.

Grow up.

P&R said...

Forgive my skepticism, but I will remain skeptical on that - the timing is far too convenient. In any event, his own lack of sympathy for others is going to make it very difficult for others to display much sympathy for him under the circumstances.

Nelson needs to do a bit of growing up himself. I hope he does it. Then maybe he'll be able to relieve himself in peace.

Meanwhile, I am going to sit here in the gallery enjoying my peanuts as I watch the show.

PP said...

P&R -

The "personal moment to relieve himself" line is just that. A line.

As I'm told today by a legislator, there were no fewer than 3 people who attempted to get Stace to come out of the bathroom to vote.

In fact, when they were looking for him, the bathroom he had secreted himself in has a big speaker installed right above the bathroom stalls.

I was going to do an update myself, but to do another post on it seems to be overkill.

Plus, there's a lot of session left. I'm sure we'll see more silliness before it's over.

P&R said...

Thanks. Figured it was a rather lame attempt to elicit sympathy.

The whole incident is friggin' hilarious, yet sadly tragic at the same time.

I hope he learns. I doubt he will. I've seen it too often - get caught out like this, try to cover it with increasingly hard-to-believe bluster, accuse those among his supporters who try to point it out thus pushing them away, more bluster, spiraling into isolation, creating hare-brained conspiracy theories to explain it until he's left with nothing but his tin-foil hat and exaggerated recollections of imagined past glories.

It's what he's done with past imbroglios and this is just more of that same spiral. What a waste of some real gifts.