Farewell and God Bless

It's been a fun run.  I've enjoyed the debates (mostly) and the opportunity to toss my two cents in when the mood strikes me.  On the whole, while the disagreements are often stark and the expressions can get sharp, we've got a pretty good group of people engaged in political discussions here in South Dakota.

I've appreciated the SD War College, Dakota Free Press, and the Displaced Plainsman among others over the years I've run this blog (their sites are linked over to the left).  I don't know that anyone's mind was unalterably changed by anything I've written, but the discussion has been good, mostly reasonable, and despite the stark disagreements, on the whole it's been friendly.  Thanks.

But I'm leaving.  The transition has been ongoing for a while now and it is reaching it's culmination. I head to West Virginia in a little over a week to take up a new job.  I'll leave this blog up for a little while, but doubt I'll have time to post much.  Eventually, I'll take it down all together.  I'm quite confident you will all be able to carry on this robust conversation without me.

May God bless you all, may he bless this wonderful state of South Dakota, and may we continue to model a robust, yet collegial debate.